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Your Guide to Roof Warranties

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When you buy a new roof, you’re making a substantial and essential investment in your home. The type of roof warranties available provides a safeguard for this investment by protecting you from faulty materials and/or workmanship. There’s no one-size-fits-all option out there and the options vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Understanding the different warranties out there is the first step to gaining peace of mind.


Transferable Warranties

Transferable roofing warranties allow homeowners to hand off the remainder of the time and coverage on a roofing warranty to new homeowners after selling their home. Specifications are dictated by the manufacturer but whether the warranty is transferable will be stated in the documentation that lists everything covered in the warranty. Additionally, in most cases, homeowners must fulfill several requirements including:

  • Researching whether the warranty can be transferred more than once
  • Paying an administrative fee to transfer the warranty
  • Letting the roofing material manufacturer know the ownership of the warranty is being or has been transferred


Prorated Warranties

Most roofing warranties boil down to one of two warranty types: Prorated and non-prorated. Prorated warranties, which are the most common type, lose their value over time in the same way the value of a vehicle depreciates over time. As a result, roofs covered by this type of warranty receive a shrinking level of benefits, which could leave the homeowner with only coverage for only a small part of the replacement value. Non-prorated warranties provide total protection throughout the life of the warranty. The manufacturer’s responsibility doesn’t decrease the way it does in prorated warranties.


Typical Warranty Lengths

Manufacturers may offer material or system warranties. Both are typically issued for lengths ranging from 10 to 30 years, although some companies offer up to 50 years or limited lifetime warranties, which may or may not be transferable. Material warranties cover defects and failure of the roofing materials themselves. System warranties provide added protection against defective workmanship for the first few years but usually exclude leaks caused by parts made by other companies, including flashing, pitch pans, and roof penetrations.


Material Warranties vs. Workmanship Warranties

As their names imply, material warranties provide protection against faulty roofing materials while workmanship warranties, which are issued by contractors, provide protection against haphazard or defective installation and workmanship. Material warranties can cover only the shingles, for example, while workmanship warranties cover problems stemming from the installation for a period of one to five years.


Common Warranty Exemptions

Exclusions provide manufacturers with a measure of protection against liability for certain circumstances. Legal exclusions prevent homeowners from making claims in circumstances such as breach of implied warranties and breach of contract. Technical exclusions prevent manufacturers from paying for repairs under specified circumstances. Common technical exclusions include:

  • Natural disasters
  • Improper roof maintenance
  • Using a different contractor
  • Failing to register the warranty


Keeping up with roof maintenance and regular inspections every one to two years is essential to maintaining warranty coverage and for spotting potential problems before they become major roofing disasters. When it’s time to schedule your inspection or if you’re experiencing roofing problems, contact a trusted roofing contractor such as Carroll Bradford Roofing. For inspections, repairs, and replacements, you need professionals who are honest and reputable, with the expertise and industry experience to quickly assess the conditions and perform the necessary quality repairs. 



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