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Roof Maintenance 101


The roof is too important to the overall integrity of a home to overlook the importance of maintenance. It’s one of the key structures standing between what’s inside your home and the unpredictable Florida weather. A roofing contractor like Carroll Bradford Roofing provides the best service and expertise, ensuring the best care of your home. Here is a quick guide to roof maintenance, with all the essential details about the tasks you should be checking off your list every season.

Seasonal Roof Maintenance

Dividing the most basic tasks into a seasonal schedule makes it easier to keep up with some of the important things you need to do to keep your roof in great shape. Seasonal tasks range from doing your own inspection to cleaning your gutters to removing debris.

DIY Inspection

Start inside by taking a good look in your attic and at the interior ceilings for any signs of leakage including water stains, peeling paint, mildew or mold. Walk around the exterior of your home, check for signs of:

  • Any missing, lifted, or loose-looking shingles
  • Areas where shingles are partially lifted, curling, or peeling
  • Damage to gutters, soffits, fascia, flashing, vents, and chimney areas
  • Moss or algae growth

Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be able to do some of the repairs yourself. For example, minor cracks in the flashing or around the chimney could be caulked and sealed easily. Likewise, moss and mold could be remedied using a roof moss remover or cleaner then gently scrubbed with a soft-bristled broom. If you’re uncomfortable working on the roof or you find larger-scale damage, call our local roofing contractor for expert evaluation and service. 

Tree/Branch Trimming

You could trim branches once a season or make it a yearly project. Walk around your property and note any broken branches or limbs that are getting close to your roofline or overhanging the roof. Not only will this prevent damage, but it will also minimize the number of raccoons and squirrels climbing onto your roof.

Check Gutters and Downspouts

You’d be surprised how much debris can accumulate after a few storms. Keep your gutters at peak performance by checking them every three months. You want to ensure they’re free of any blockages and properly diverting rainwater away from your roof and home. Simply scoop debris away before gently scrubbing and rinsing gutters and downspouts with your garden hose.

Annual Roof Maintenance

We recommend having your roof inspected on a yearly basis, as well as after any major storm.  Trained and experienced roofing contractors can better identify damage and potential problems that may not be visible to you. Professionals look for any growth issues, leaks, wear and tear, and weather-related damage on your roof, gutters, soffits, flashing, and more. Inspectors also look for cracks or damage to your chimney, signs of sagging in the roof, and any problems with the roofing materials.

Keeping your roof in great shape doesn’t have to be a chore. Seasonal maintenance allows you to quickly spot potential problems before they become a disaster. If you need a professional for repairs, replacements, or an annual inspection, call Carroll Bradford Roofing. Years of experience, expertise, and top-notch service make us a leading choice among Orlando roofing contractors.


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