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Key Elements to a Timeless Roof Style


Living in the same house year after year can be boring, especially if a key feature, such as your roof, doesn’t stand the test of time. Ensuring your roof’s style doesn’t come and go with the trends can be difficult. When looking to have your roof replaced, keep these five factors in mind to add key elements to a timeless roof style. 


The Style of the Home

Roof styles aren’t a one-size-fits-all situation. Instead, the roof style should complement the style of the home. Taking the home’s architecture into consideration when you’re choosing shingle style and the color is essential to enjoying your home for the long haul. Although homeowners aren’t limited to one material, color, or style, this can help guide the overall choice in roof style. For example:

  • A rustic cottage might look best with asphalt that looks like wood shake
  • Mediterranean architecture is beautifully complemented by the style and color of clay tiles
  • Contemporary architecture and sleek metal roofing go hand in hand


Curb Appeal

Consider the visual impact your roof has on the overall look of your home. In addition to the overall architectural style of the home, you’ll want to carefully consider the desired curb appeal before deciding between making a bold color statement or sticking with a neutral palette. Today’s homeowners have a large selection of roofing materials, styles, and colors from which to choose, making it easier than ever to achieve the right curb appeal.


Climate and Energy Efficiency

Did you know light-colored roofs and those treated with a reflective coating can help keep your home cooler? Homeowners interested in increasing energy efficiency should consider “cool roofs” that help reflect more heat away from the home compared to standard, dark-colored roofs. Likewise, limiting the amount of rain, wind, dirt, and debris is important to consider when choosing a style, color, and roofing materials. 


Local Codes and Requirements

Before getting your heart set on a specific roof style, it’s best to check local building codes and any homeowner association requirements that may limit your options. Additionally, it’s helpful to consider the styles of other homes in your neighborhood. You may want to choose a roof style that complements those around you or something that stands out a bit. 


Construction of the Home

The way your home is constructed may naturally limit your options. For example, homes with a relatively flat roof aren’t suited to slate or wood, which can create leaking problems. Instead, this type of construction typically requires a membrane or metal roof. Conversely, homes with a steep slope may require additional bracing to accommodate heavy materials, which adds to the cost.

Understanding the key elements of a timeless roof style is only the beginning. To achieve a look you’ll be happy with for years to come, it helps to work with trusted professionals like Carroll Bradford Roofing, a family-owned construction solutions provider that has been roofing Florida homes and businesses for decades. Industry experience is a must when you need insight into what will work best for your home. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment to talk more about your roofing project. 



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