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5 Ways to Prevent Roof Leaks

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Fixing a leaky roof is among the most common and potentially expensive repairs homeowners face. For instance, a leaky roof can create damage that affects the structural integrity of your home leading to large repair bills. Fortunately, planning ahead and executing a prevention plan reduces the chance that your roof will develop leaks. Learn how to protect your home with these five steps to prevent roof leaks.

Identify and Regularly Check Common Leak Spots

Anything that punctures the roof is a potential leak source because it can halt the natural flow of water off the roof. However, regularly checking the following areas can help pinpoint potential problems before they become disasters:

  • Chimneys are the leading source of leaks. When inspecting the flashing, make sure it has a cricket (a ridge structure that diverts water around the high side of the chimney), and assess whether it needs to be sealed.
  • Water often gets trapped behind skylights. Check the flashing and double-check the skylight itself, which could be a potential leak source.
  • Valleys, the channels that allow runoff to drain from your roof can break down over time, leading to leaks.
  • Check for loose or missing shingles. Loose shingles allow moisture to seep underneath the roof. 
  • The vent stacks around plumbing vents often have a rubber or similar material, which can crack as it ages. Additionally, problems can also occur if animals chew on the pipe or flashing.


Install Adequate Ventilation

Ventilation is critical for the durability and life of your roof, according to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers. Adequate air flow is essential for protecting your roof from the damage moisture can cause. Make sure there’s adequate ventilation and check it periodically to ensure there are no blockages.


Maintain Gutters

It can be easy to overlook the importance of gutters in the structural integrity of your roof. Gutters are an efficient way to lead drainage away from the home and roof. Additionally, homeowners must ensure gutters are maintained and regularly cleaned. Blocked gutters can create a water build up underneath the roofing shingles. This water build up will eventually create water damage and leaking. 


Trim Trees

Trees are a great way to create instant curb appeal to your home. Unfortunately, those same trees can leave your roof vulnerable to moisture issues, algae, rot, and damaged roof tiles. Leaves can clog gutters while falling limbs can create substantial damage. When planting trees, experts recommend planting trees 15 to 20 feet away from the home. Furthermore, experts also recommend keeping the limbs trimmed to minimize the odds of roof damage. 


Hiring a Trusted Professional to Perform Inspections

Nothing can replace the valuable insight gained from having a professional roof inspection. Experts can spot potential problems quickly and provide advice on how to address them. An inspector will first check the attic, examining the ventilation, amount of moisture, and insulation. Next, inspectors will check all the areas likely to leak, assess the condition of the roof shingles, and create a plan of action.

Some homeowners are reluctant to call a roofing company for an inspection. Trusted professionals such as Carroll Bradford Roofing will never try to sell you on services you don’t need. As a result, they will provide honest feedback and advice on how best to proceed. If you suspect you may have a leak or you haven’t had a roof inspection in recent years, contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.




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