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5 Tips to Prevent Commercial Roof Leaks

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You know the saying, “Time is money?” When it comes to commercial roofing a more accurate phrase would be, “Investing time in preventing leaks will save you money.” In fact, it could save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the roof. Even the sturdiest and expertly built commercial roofs can develop serious issues after constant exposure to the elements. Over time, untreated roofing problems can create expensive leaks that wreak havoc on everything from equipment to electronics to furnishings to product stock.

In addition to the costly cleanup and potential for having to replace damaged items, leaks may leave businesses with few options other than slowing production or shutting down until the problem is solved. Taking a proactive approach to commercial roof maintenance can save businesses from extensive repairs and expensive downtime. Use these five tips as a springboard for creating your own preventive maintenance routine.


Check for Puddling

Commercial buildings often have low-slope or flat roofs, some of which could fall victim to poor drainage. Water that fails to drain within 48 hours or so is likely to remain on the roof longer, creating potential long-term issues such as leaking, sagging, moss growth, damage to the roofing membrane, and faster deterioration of the roofing materials. 

Checking the roof after storms pass allows you to catch the problem early. If you see standing water, you might need to clear gutters or downspouts that have become clogged. Improper drainage due to a low-pitch roof can be fixed by widening drains, adding more drains, or fixing the slope of the roof to enhance drainage.


Examine the Flashing

Many commercial roofs have edge flashing. These strips of metal or other watertight materials go around the roof edge to protect the roof from wind damage. Loose edge flashing allows wind and rain to penetrate under the roof, potentially lifting the roof and letting moisture inside the building. Professional roofing repairs quickly remedy damaged flashing, which maintains the integrity of the roof.


Seal Pipes

Anything that penetrates the roof is a potential leak source, particularly if the protective flashing is cracked or damaged. Check around pipes, chimneys, skylights, vents, and any satellite installations for signs of corrosion. Seal gaps with flashing cement or replace the damaged flashing. If pipes or vents are loose enough to wiggle around, you’ll need to replace the seal with new metal flashing to maintain a watertight seal.


Check Shingles

Florida’s intense sun, high winds, and damaging storms can do a number on roofing shingles. Wind can tear shingles right off the roof, leaving the building vulnerable to water damage. Hail can dent shingles, loosening the protective granules that maintain a watertight seal. The blistering sun can warp shingles over time, bleach the color, and speed decay. Loose or damaged shingles should be replaced ASAP.


Inspect Ceilings

Routinely inspect the ceilings inside the building, particularly on the top floor where signs of water damage will emerge first. Any water stains are a red flag signaling a potential leak. Left unchecked, this could lead to mold and structural issues that typically get worse the longer they’re untreated.


Taking a proactive approach to commercial roof leaks and maintenance should also include scheduling expert inspections by trusted roofing professionals who are trained to spot minor issues that you might miss. Contact Carroll Bradford Roofing, Florida’s reliable roofing, and construction solutions provider, for a consultation today.




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